Crux Careers

We will, We won't

We will...

  • We will interview every candidate.
  • We will provide video or recording of our initial interview.
  • We will filter and only send good candidates.
  • We will give you as much information to assist your recruitment decision as we can including original psychometric testing. Optional at £69 +VAT per report.
  • We will allow you 3 months to assess candidate before billing you.
  • We will charge you monthly - if the candidate leaves then you stop paying us.
  • We will, if approached by a candidate we placed, refer them back to their line manager whose written approval would be required before assisting them to find a new role. (We will observe candidate confidentiality if they decide not to speak with line manager we won't disclose their contact with us but we won't assist them in finding a new position).
  • We will give a 10% discount on any Agency Mentors courses to progress a candidate's career during the lifetime of their employment with you.


We won't...

  • We won't just forward CVs from job boards.
  • We won't over sell the candidate to you.
  • We won't waste your time and hope something sticks.
  • We won't tell you every candidate is the best and twist your arm to make rushed and or poor recruitment decisions.
  • We wont invoice you the day your candidate starts.
  • We won't hold you to onerous rebate clauses meaning you get nothing back if a candidate leaves or fails.
  • We won't never solicit a candidate we have placed under any circumstances. If by some accident we do, we will after investigation pay compensation of £10,000 if guilty. It will be considered a gross misconduct internally should an employee of ours not observe this pledge.