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Sales Consultant - Supplier

Opportunity Ref: 259
Job Category: Sales
Employment Type: Permanent
Area: Northamptonshire
Salary Region: On Application
Potential Earnings: £30,000

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They are a newish business growing at a fair rate of knots. they are currently a panel for mortgage, surveys and solicitors, and in time are taking mortgages in house, orrering camp qualifications for this.

They need 8 people per month to hit their growth plan, and take people on at 18k base, they want people that work hard. team commission, paid, average 750 pcm. they do lots with purple bricks (confidential) and other similar companies.

all warm leads provided by estate agents, individuals making circa 160 calls per day. 

average age of sales team is early 20's, all very brought in to the idea of a young, excited growing business. 

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